What does your dot-to-dot accountancy package include?

Depending on the nature of your business and the choices you make when you sign up, these are the services that come as standard in our dot-to-dot accountancy package:


Simply send your receipts, invoices, bank statements and any other accounting information to us via the Hubdoc app or by email or even drop them in to our office if you’re local. We’ll then take care of all your bookkeeping needs *. Once we’ve completed your year end accounts and tax returns we will return them to you by tracked mail for safekeeping.

Sales invoices

We can provide you with invoicing-only access to Xero bookkeeping software. This will give you the facility to send out professional looking invoices to your customers either by email or by hard copy. There are other bolt-ons that you can add to your Xero software including the ability to take payments through a payment service provider (such as Paypal or Go Cardless)**.

Monthly reports

Once we’ve completed your monthly bookkeeping, we will send you a MANAGEMENT REPORT pack by email. This will include your profit and loss account, balance sheet, aged debtors** and aged creditors** and a summary which will give you specific guidance, a check on your VAT threshold and an estimated tax bill.

VAT returns

If you are VAT registered, completion and submission of your VAT returns will be included as standard***. We will then email you with confirmation that it has been done and advise you how much to pay HMRC.


If you employ staff (including directors of limited companies), we will complete your monthly or weekly payroll and provide you with payslips, a period summary and P32 showing how much to pay HMRC each month by email. New starters, finishers, RTI submissions and P60s are included as standard in our payroll services.

Auto enrolment

If your business has payroll provision as part of its core package, auto enrolment management will also be included. We will take the deductions from your employees and advise your chosen pension company of the deductions each month. We will also send out the necessary letters to your employees by email and complete your declaration of compliance with The Pensions Regulator.

We can also offer the setting up of a NEST pension scheme on your behalf – see below for other additional services outside the core package.

Year end accounts

Completion of your year end accounts is included as standard in our dot-to-dot accountancy package. If you are a limited company, we will submit these to Companies House and provide you with confirmation accordingly.

Tax returns

All of your tax return requirements – corporation tax, partnership tax and self assessment – are included in our dot-to-dot accountancy package. We will of course submit these to HMRC on your behalf*** and provide you with confirmation that this has been done.

Confirmation statement

The confirmation statement, which replaced the annual return, needs to be filed annually with Companies House. If you are a limited company then filing your confirmation statement is included within your dot-to-dot accountancy package.


Unlimited**** telephone and email support is included in the dot-to-dot accountancy package.

Xero Software

We will provide you with either read-only or invoice-only access to Xero bookkeeping software, depending on what you choose when you sign up. We think it’s important you can actually see the numbers we produce and where they came from. It also offers you peace of mind that in the unlikely situation of you choosing to move accountants, you can transfer your bookkeeping and take the records with you.

Making Tax Digital

By using Xero software to process your bookkeeping, you will be compliant with Making Tax Digital.

Just a gentle reminder

Some options might sound handy to have but of course the more services you indicate your business needs the higher the cost will be, so do make sure you only select the ones that will provide the right level of service for your circumstances.

Please do get in touch with us on 0333 305 8772 if you need any advice.

Our terms and conditions for the dot-to-dot accountancy package can be found here

*Bookkeeping is subject to a maximum transaction allowance (based on averages of 35 transactions per employee per month for sole traders or 75 transactions per employee per month for limited companies). If you significantly exceed the transaction allowance, you’ll need to buy a bolt-on to boost your transactions or to upgrade your subscription.

**This depends on the choices you make when you sign up. Some features, such as the ability to send sales invoices and track debtors will significantly increase the amount you are quoted due to the greater functionality requirements of the software that you would be provided with.

***Submission of returns depends on us being fully authorised by HMRC to do this on your behalf.

****Because of the exceptional amount of time needed, unlimited support doesn’t include support provided during a tax investigation, which would be charged separately.

Additional Options

You can choose to add in some other options to enhance your core dot-to-dot accountancy package if you need them.

CIS deductions and returns

We haven’t included these in our package as they only apply to the construction sector. However, if you are subject to CIS deductions or you make CIS deductions from subcontractors then this is a service we can help you with. Please call us on 0333 305 8772 for a quotation.

Registration for HMRC Services

If you’re not yet registered for HMRC taxes but think that you should be, e.g. PAYE scheme or VAT registration, then we can help you with this. Please call us on 0333 305 8772 to find out how.


We have priced our bookkeeping services based on average transaction levels of 35 transactions per employee per month for sole traders and 75 transactions per employee per month for limited companies. If you significantly exceed your transaction allowance we will let you know. If this is an ongoing situation, we may ask you to increase your subscription with us. However, if this is an exceptional circumstance then it’s possible to purchase a transaction bolt-on.

Setting up a pension for auto enrolment

We haven’t included this in our core package as it’s a one-off activity and many of you will already have gone through the process. However, if we provide you with payroll services and you require a pension scheme to be set up, we can do this on your behalf with the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST).

Company Formations

If you want to incorporate as a limited company then we can do this on your behalf with Companies House. We really would advise that you chat this through with us first on 0333 305 8772 as having a limited company isn’t best suited to everyone. If you sign up for our dot-to-dot all inclusive services, company formations are included for FREE.

Not quite what you are after?

If you prefer your accounts to be more like your birthday (i.e. an annual event and to be honest, some of us have reached the age where we’d like it to be less frequent than that) head over to our Annual Services to see if this is more suitable for you.


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